Our Services


Panel Beating

From minor to major body damages which includes dent repairs, bumper repairs, hail damage repairs, pillar post repairs, chassis alignment, scratch removals, and body pane.


Motor Mechanics

This covers the general motor faults fixing which includes engine overhaul, gearbox repairs, clutch overhaul, wheel bearings, shocks, brakes.


Spray Painting

Cosmetic and Minor damage – These damage types can be repaired quickly within our onsite dedicated express repair bays or if appropriate we can deploy one of our mobile repair units to effectively repair at a place convenient to the customer.

car crash accident on the road

Major Damages

These damage type repair duration is dependent on the extent of damage and the availability of spare parts from
our suppliers.

Electrician works with electric block in car. Close-up of automobile inside under raised hood. Service man hands working with cables of auto

Motor Electrician

This services includes electrical faults diagnostics, motor vehicle rewiring, alternator and starter repairs, and other electrical faults etc.


Chassis Straightening

The basics of chassis stiffening is the fact that various car components, especially suspension and tyres, but also your brakes, transmission, and even engine, are all only as good as the chassis it’s all bolted to.


Engine repairs

We offer comprehensive engine repair and maintenance services. From engine system analysis to engine rebuilding, we are your one-stop shop for auto services

A man cleaning car with microfiber cloth, car detailing (or valeting) concept. Selective focus.


This service includes performing detail inspections, thoroughly washing, buffing, and waxing exteriors, vacuuming, steaming, and deodorizing interiors, and keeping records related to gas levels and the condition of the vehicle.



a health check with routine maintenance for your vehicle which assesses everything from your engine’s fluid levels to the general wear and tear of your car. 



We can re-trim or repair the interior of any make or model, using the highest quality materials available to our team


Vehicle assessments

We test new cars and gives them a safety rating from zero to five stars. 



Rubberized vehicle undercoating is easy to apply. And offers sound-cushioning as well as protection from dust, moisture, and dings or dents


Vehicle Wrapping

It involves completely or partially covering your vehicle with a vinyl film


Paint sales

Providing high quality car paint and auto body supplies at competitive prices.